You are Responsible

Here is a Great Statement from the book Focal Point by Brian Tracy and something that I would love to have Feedback on from you. Tell me what you think of this. Tell me if you agree with it or don’t and especially why you do or don’t agree with it.

“Among the most important personal choices you can make is to accept complete responsibility for everything you are and everything you will ever be. This is the great turning point in life. The acceptance of personal responsibility is what separates the superior person from the average person. Personal responsibility is the preeminent trait of leadership and the wellspring of high performance in every person in every situation.

Accepting complete responsibility for your life means that you refuse to make excuses or blame others for anything in your life that you’re not happy about. You refuse, from this moment forward, to criticize others for any reason. You refuse to complain about your situation or about what has happened in the past. You eliminate all your if-onlys and what-ifs and focus instead on what you really want and where you are going.

This decision to accept complete responsibility for yourself, your life, and your results, with no excuses, is absolutely essential if you want to double your income and double your time off. From now on, no matter what happens, say to yourself, “I am responsible.”

After now that you have read this and understood it, it is now time to right what this makes you feel and how this could or even could not majorly affect your life.

Thank You,

Michael “The Tornado” Torino.
Travel Specialist
Life By Design: The Tornado Method
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